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Established in 1997,OUTDO, a national high-tech enterprise, focuses on the integration of battery R&D, manufacture, sales, and after-sales service.Though more than 20 years of development. From a battery processing plant to a multinational enterprise with a complete industrial chain. OUTDO has already become one of the enterprises with the most complete battery series and models in the world. With three production bases: Zhangzhou Huawei, Thailand Huawei and Jinjiang Huawei Covering a total area of 420000 square meters. And exceeding 10 million KVAh in the annual total production capacity . OUTDO products are widely used in the motorcycle starting, energy storage, UPS, vehicles and other fields. Which even cover more than 100 countries and regions in the world.

OUTDO has achieved a number of R& D patents. And won a lot of honored titles such as a national high-tech enterprise, the engineering research center of Fujian lead-acid battery enterprises, Fujian enterprise technology center and Fujian famous brand products, and passed many certifications such as ISO9001 quality system, ISO14001 environmental system, and ISO145001 occupational health and safety management system. And obtained dozens of domestic and international certifications, such as TLC, CGC-SOLAR, UL, CE, INMETRO, TSE, BPS, ASC, etc.

In order to provide better services for global customers, OUTDO insists on the business philosophy of meeting the needs of customers with quality service and surprising them with professional standards, Organizes an excellent marketing team, and sets up offices in Hong Kong, China, Italy, Indonesia, Dubai, Turkey, Benin and other countries or regions. Combined with the multimedia center in the headquarters. Combined with the headquarters’ multimedia service center, OUTDO promptly provides global customers with stable and high-quality battery products, the most reasonable solutions and technical support and other thoughtful and considerate services.

OUTDO, your reliable global partner!

Konotacija korporativne kulture

Pozicioniranje: To meet the needs of customer with quality service, to exceed customer expectations with professional standards.
Vizija: Determined to be a world-class power supply provider.
Misija: Committed to providing first-class power solutions to customers around the world.

Osnovne vrijednosti

Integritet:The soul of Huawei Power Management, exchange integrity for trust, to create value through service.
Strast: Huawei people are passionate about life, while pursuing continuous improvement and constantly surpassing themselves.
Inovacija:Innovation is the first driving force for the development of Huawei and the core competitiveness of Huawei.
Stabilnost: Adhering to the principle of working with high profile and behaving with low profile, down-to-earth is the road to Huawei’s endeavor.

Istorija razvoja

UL potvrda
CE sertifikat
Usvajanje međunarodnog standardnog certifikata za označavanje proizvoda
TLC sertifikat za sertifikaciju proizvoda
Suvo napunjena baterija
Zhangzhou Huawei Power Supply Technology Co., Ltd.

U industrijskom okrugu grada Lieyu, okrug Yunxiao, grad Zhangzhou.

Hong Kong OUTDO Int'l Industry Co, Ltd

uspostavljen. U Tsuen Wan, Hong Kong.

GEL baterija motocikla

Istraživanje i razvoj samostalno motociklističke GEL baterije i stekao patent


Prošao je standard ISO14001 sistema upravljanja zaštitom životne sredine


GMC certifikat proizvođača visoke kvalitete

0 Solarna i vjetrovita baterija.
Olovna ploča
Nezavisno moto-i i GEL baterija

Istraživanje i razvoj samostalno motocikl i-GEL akumulatora i stekao patent.


Prošao je standard OHSAS18001 sistema upravljanja zaštitom zdravlja i sigurnosti na radu。

Osnovana kompanija Thaihuawei Battery Co., Ltd.

U Bangkoku na Tajlandu.

Golden Sun certifikat fotonaponskih proizvoda

INMETRO certifikat。

Huawei Power Source (Hong Kong) Co. Ltd.

uspostavljen. U Tsuen Wan, Hong Kong.

DS-iGEL baterija za motocikle

Istraživanje i razvoj neovisno inteligentnog akumulatora za digitalni ekran i stekao patent.

ade u Kini-SGS dobavljači s revizijom
Izbačen sustav napajanja kućištem
Fujian Province Technology Technology Center

uspostavljen. U Tsuen Wan, Hong Kong.

Rešetka baterije olovne kiseline i njen kalup za obradu
Jedinica potpredsjednika 8. vijeća šišmiša olovnih kiselina
Osnovano je cijelokupno trgovačko preduzeće.

U poslovnom zalivu Dubai.

Tehnika obrade akumulatora sa olovnom kiselinom
Nova baterija za inteligentno skladištenje
Uređaj za oporavak istrošene kiseline i R
Inteligentna baterija koja ima funkciju dopunjavanja

In Banten , Indonezija.

Baterija za digitalni ekran s funkcijom dopunjavanja
Inženjerski i tehnički istraživački i razvojni centar provincije Fujian.
Honored as an honest employment enterprise

The honest employment enterprise in 2017

The major taxpayer in 2017

The major taxpayer in Yunxiao County, Zhangzhou City in 2017

The launch of motorcycle starting lithium battery

A lithium-ion battery for motorcycle starting

The five-star enterprise in China's lead-acid battery industry

The five-star enterprise in China's lead-acid battery industry in 2017

Ke Zhimin won the title of leader of lead-acid battery

The title of leader of lead-acid battery in 2017

Rated an AA credit enterprise

China Chamber of Commerce for import and export of machinery and electronic products - The AA credit rating enterprise

Won the economic construction Contribution Award

Zhangzhou Yunxiao County economic construction Contribution Award in 2018

Won the title of small and medium-sized enterprise of the "Specialized, Fined, Peculiar, Innovative " policy

The small and medium-sized enterprise of the "Specialized, Fined, Peculiar, Innovative " policy in Fujian Province in 2019

The design patent of energy storage lithium battery

A battery case for lithium-ion battery

Achive intellectual property management system

Intellectual property management system certification




Adopting International