Aganta Ĝenerala Konsulo de Tajlando en Xiamen vizitis Huawei Power Source.

La 6an de aprilo 2018, S-ro Mongkol Sinsomboon, aganta ĝenerala konsulo de la konsulejo de Tajlando en Xiamen, vizitis nian kompanion. Sinjoro Zhang Mingdong, estro de gubernio Yunxiao, kaj s-ro Ke Zhimin, prezidanto de estraro de Huawei Power Source, kaj la supera direkto de la kompanio ricevis la ricevon.
Unue, s-ro Zhang Mingdong kaj s-ro Ke Zhimin varme bonvenigis la viziton de s-ro Mongkol Sinsomboon.



Supre: SinjoroMongkol Sinsomboon (kvara maldekstre) kaj s-ro Ke Zhimin (kvina dekstre)


Mr. Ke Zhimin leads Mr.Mongkol Sinsomboon to visit the company's showroom and workshop production site. Through the introduction of product display and corporation culture, Mr.Mongkol Sinsomboon had a preliminary understanding of Huawei Power.


Later, the two sides conducted in-depth exchanges and discussions on the "the Belt and Road," "Thailand 4.0," and Thailand visas.
Mr.Mongkol Sinsomboon stated that the "Thailand 4.0" development strategy will provide good opportunities and platforms for Chinese and Thailand companies to develop manufacturing cooperation. " the Belt and Road " and "Thailand 4.0" work hand in hand, and it is also an entry point for pushing China-Thailand relations to a new level.


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