For Tricycle


Electric Vehicle Battery – For Tricycle

Lead-acid batteries for electric tricycles are DC power supplies.  They can
also be used as DC power supplies for other aspects such as electric vehicles.


1.Large capacity and high power
Products using imported high-purity raw materials and national patent technology, with high current discharge performance, high capacity characteristics.
2.Long service life
DOD80% (new standard) under standard conditions can perform 600-800 cycles.
3.Low temperature high capacity
The product has a super low temperature charge and discharge capability, which avoids the drop of battery mileage in the winter.
4.Fast charge ability
Scientific structure design: The battery fast charged according to the QC/T742-2006 standard, and 100% of the capacity is completed in one hour.
The battery is a valve regulated sealing structure, and small amount of water lost during use, refill and maintenance no necessary.
6.Over discharge recovery ability
The use of rare earth alloys and formulations has effectively improved the close integration of the conductive grid with the living material,battery can recover 100% capacity after over discharge.
7.Excellent high-current discharge performance
The structure of pole terminal adopts silver-plated copper core, the wire connection is firm and reliable, safe, convenient, and more conducive to large current discharge.
8.Better consistency
A new generation of patented formulas and the latest special processing technology ensure the stable consistency of multi-cell batteries in series.
Reliable full-sealing structure design, unique colloidal electrolyte, no leakage and acid mist, reliable and safe to use in any direction, belong to national green energy product.