Electric Bike Battery – For Two-wheeled




Electric Bike Battery – For Two-wheeled

This series of batteries is designed and developed by Tianneng Group specifically for electric bike and 2 Wheeler. The product has a number of national patent and is the world's leading high-performance, long-life lead-acid battery


1.Large capacity
Adopting patented structure design, found the maximum effective of the battery. The 2Hr capacity is 5% -10% higher than similar products.

2.Excellent High current discharge performance
The grid adopts the latest structure of thin horizontal ribs and vertical ribs, which greatly reduces the ohm resistance of the battery. When the large current discharges, the internal electrochemical reaction is uniform, the voltage drop less, and the recovery performance good after deep discharge.

3.Better grid corrosion resistance
Unique patented alloy material, make grid has superior corrosion resistance and creep resistance;

4.High utilization of active substances
The patented refine the tetrabasic lead sulphate particles produced in the paste and curing, which improves the utilization of active materials and greatly improves the output of the battery;

5.Minimal water losses
Increase the amount of liquid added to the battery to solve the problem of dehydration and battery expansion at the end of the battery life;

6.Low self-discharge rate
A certain amount of negative electrode additive is added to the negative electrode active material by a special process method, which not only has the effect of overcoming self-discharge, but also reduce the power consumption by 79% at the time of initial charging.

7.Low temperature performance
Highly active conductive materials and low-temperature expansion are added to the plates, which is superior low-temperature charge and discharge capabilities, which prevents the battery's continuous mileage from declining in winter.

8.Safe and reliable
Each valve of the battery box is independently designed, with automatic anti-early drying and detachable safety valve. The valve not only has the function of checking the fluid replacement of the common battery, but also has the sealing function of the one-way exhaust of the sealed battery, making the battery Less water loss during charge and discharge process, higher sealing efficiency, use of high capacity, no liquid leakage, high gas recombination function on electric bicycles, and easy removal of safety in the event of maintenance Valve maintenance

9.Long service life
Under standard conditions DOD80% can perform 600-800 cycles, and 1 time charges is able to travel 40~60Km.