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Fire-fighting Lithium Battery

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Terminal Specifications



Fire-fighting Storage Lithium Battery



Safe Use Precautions


Safe Precautions

1.Do not dismantle for repair or modification, which may cause the system failure leading to the unusable battery.

2.Do not short-circuit the positive and negative poles of the system or system groups, otherwise it will cause an electric shock, a fire or the malfunction.

3. Please firmly connect to the bolt part of the terminal, if loose, which may bring about a fire.

4.Do not let the battery be contaminated with oil, water or other chemicals, otherwise there will be an electric shock, a fire, or the malfunction.

5.Be sure to cut off the main power when installing the connection, or there is a risk of electric shocks.

6.Do not connect to a power supply other than the rated voltage, otherwise there will be a fire or the malfunction.

7.Do not use the system directly as AC power, otherwise it may cause a fire, a fault, or the damage.

8.Do not place the system near fire or heat, so as not to cause an explosion.

9.Charging process will produce the trace gas, when using the battery, please pay attention to ventilation and heat dissipation as well as Maintain it in the ventilation conditions.

Precautions for Use

1.Do not store and use the battery in the following cases, otherwise it will cause a fault, the shell crack, the leakage and so on.

1.1.Places below-40°C or above + 50°C.

1.2.Outdoor and other places where directly exposed to rain or sunshine.

1.3.Foggy or icy places

1.4.Locations with corrosive gases.

1.5.Relatively humid or dusty places

1.6.Occurrence of shock or impact.

1.7.It should be stored in a cool, dry, clean environment.

2.LCD screen maintenance

2.1.Avoid hard objects to pressure the control panel.

2.2.Keep the screen clean and dry.

2.3.Check the system display frequently.

2.4.Be aware of the buzzer alarm.

2.5.Handle timely when the buzzer alarms.


Type Model Voltage
Terminal Terminal Polarity Dimensions ±2
Max Current

Cylindrical Battery
CNLFP11-36 36 11 W E3+14 + - 223*121*175 11 4.10 302150036-00006
CNLFP17-36 36 17 W E3+14 + - 223*121*175 17 5.90 302150036-00007
CNLFP34-36 36 30.5 W E5+12 + - 267*78*2*170 34 9.80 302150036-00008
CNLFP6-36 36 6 W E3+14 + - 223*121*175 6 2.42 302150036-00009
CNLFP56.67-36 36 54 W E5+10 + - 331*173*220 56 17.50 302150036-00010
CNLFP48-36 36 48 W E5+10 + - 331*173*220 48 15.55 302150036-00011
CNLFP30-36 36 30 W E5+12 + - 267*78*2*170 30 9.80 302150036-00012
CNLFP24-36 36 24 W E3+14 + - 267*78*2*170 24 8.0 302150036-00013
CNLFP12-36 36 12 W E3+14 + - 223*121*175 12 4.08 302150036-00014
CNLFP42-24 24 42 W E5+10 + - 267*78*2*170 42 9.15 302150036-00015
CNLFP18-24 24 18 W E3+14 + - 223*121*175 18 4.08 302150036-00016


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