A Thai TNN exclusive interview |Thailand Huawei power attracts attention


At 9:00 a.m. local time on December 26 in Thailand, a feature on Chinese enterprises’ investment in Thailand was broadcast by the TNN TV station.


Through the field visits to the factories of Huawei power in China and Thailand, the program team introduced the lead-acid battery production bases of Huawei power in detail. As one of the China’s Belt and Road enterprises and with the support and help of the Thai government, Thailand Huawei Power made it in the face of the early construction difficulties. Since its successful establishment and operation, Thailand Huawei power has had a positive impact on the promotion of the local employment and economic development in the future. Moreover, Thailand Huawei power has also actively created a friendly Sino-Thai staff corporate culture, advocating equality for all and active participation in Thailand’s public service projects. Finally, the TNN program team highly praised the industry influence of Huawei power, the courage to take social responsibility, and that Huawei power is a trustworthy partner.



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