Dad,Happy Father’s Day!



When we were young, the closest place to the sky was the shoulder of our father.We stood on Dad’s shoulders and looked at the world, but he looked at us. This is his world.Even if we grow up, this is still the case.Dad is the most serious person in the world, and also the loneliest person. Do you feel the heavy father's love?

In this world, the most difficult person to understand is Dad. He teaches you to be thrifty while secretly giving you pocket money.He blames you for doing the wrong thing, but his heart can't bear you to be blamed.He never praises how great you are, but his heart is already so proud that he hurts.

He is reluctant to fall in love with you, but in his heart he hopes that you will have a happy home in the future. In this world, the person who loves you the most without expressing it is Dad.He is not a superman, but he has become omnipotent for you.

Dad,Happy Father's Day!

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