Ding-Dong! Your Christmas present has been delivered! Please sign for it~


Unconsciously, it’s already the last month of 2020.

After going through a lot in this year, December marks the end as well as the beginning.

It’s freezing now, but the cold weather cannot stop the pace of Christmas blessings!

It comes as a Christmas is coming.

All Huawei Power staff wish you a merry Christmas!

Heartily appreciate for your concern and support!

We believe a better future will be certainly achieved!

A glow of the sunset is diffused across the sky, the night falls, and the lights are on,

The white snow is inlaid in green pines, and let’s dress up with the cheers,

The west fashion was popular in China, but which in fact is not fashionable now.

They said Santa Claus has also unveiled the imperial examination list in ancient China, and he has been the number on it. Wish you all a merry Christmas here again!

Let me tell you a secret!

Turn your socks over,

Inside to outside,

And hang them,

Then the whole world will be a gift for you.‍

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