The 129th Canton Fair OUTDO has gained a lot.

Canton Fair has always been a “bellwether” and “barometer” of China’s foreign trade industry. Due to the impact of the epidemic, the format of the last three sessions has been changed into an online exhibition. This is both what China needs and what the world wants.htyjuyk

In this 129th Canton Fair, on the basis of summarizing the live broadcast experience of the previous two online Canton Fair, Huawei Power Company continued to provide exclusive consulting services for global customers through the combination of “online interaction + offline scenes”, and comprehensively displayed the company’s image, corporate culture, production management and product advantages.In the form of product exhibition, in addition to the physical introduction of on-site products, our anchors also personally walked into the production workshop and assembly line to present the production environment and production process of products to customers from various aspects.

Enriched live broadcast content and attractive order offers attract customers from many countries to come to the broadcast room and form intention orders through communication and negotiation. Through the live broadcast, the company has gained more exposure and more traffic, and the company’s products have also been seen by more buyers and more foreign customers.


Live trivia:


Due to the special period, online and offline exhibition integrationhas become a trend. Huawei Power Company will unswervingly take the road ofhigh-quality development, innovate and upgrade in product manufacturing,marketing channels, business model and service system, and constantly improveits comprehensive competitiveness and open up a broader international market.

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