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To set up the aim:
Workplace safety has always been a major concern of people in all parts of the world, and today is April 28th, World Workplace Safety and Health Day. The idea of World Workplace Safety and Health Day (WHSD) began in 1989 with workers’ day in the United States and Canada, commemorating the death and injury of workers on April 28 each year. On April 24, 2001, the International Labour Organization announced that April 28 had been approved as World Workplace Safety and Health Day. The ILO also responded to the call of the International Federation of Free Labour to observe April 28 as an official United Nations Day of commemoration.


Production safety:

The concept of security: security is to effectively control the unacceptable risks that can cause injury or significant economic loss, so as to avoid injury and economic loss.

The purpose of safety management: to remove hidden dangers, eliminate risks and prevent accidents.

Safety production management policy: safety first, prevention first, comprehensive treatment.

Safety implementation goal: to eliminate and prevent unsafe behavior of people and unsafe state of things.

Safety accidents are divided into natural disasters and man-made accidents. It is divided into four levels: general accident, major accident, major accident and especially major accident.

Safety implementation warning: safety implementation can not have trouble saving psychology, fluke psychology, blindly follow psychology, catch up with psychology, curious psychology, as well as self-relying experience psychology, handle affairs strictly by rules and regulations, put an end to paralysis carelessness, pertory work, snatch from the small matter, prepare for a rainy day, will be safe hidden trouble to the lowest point.


The occupational health:

Wear labor protection equipment and keep good hygienic habits according to regulations. (factory clothing, factory shoes, labor protection shoes, hat, goggles, acid proof gloves, etc., wash your hands and face before drinking water)

Enhance safety awareness to create a happy life

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