What are the types of battery leakage, mainly phenomena



The VRLA battery is a seal battery. If battery leakage, it must be replaced.
(1) Phenomenon: A. white crystal around the pole, obviously black corrosion, with sulfuric acid droplets. B. If the battery is placed horizontally, there is a white powder on the ground that is corroded by acid. C. The copper core of pole glows green and the droplets; or droplets are evident between the groove covers.
(2) Cause: A. liquid leakage occurred due to a problem in the sealing of the battery terminals. B. Aging sealant causes cracks in the seal. C. The battery has been overcharged and over-discharged. Different types of batteries are mixed and the battery gas has poor compounding efficiency. D During the production of batteries, too much acid was injected, causing false leaks.
(3) Measures: a. Wipe the battery which may be a false leak, and observe again. b Some batteries are in a humid environment and form white basic carbonates around the poles. They can be wiped with a PH test paper. If they are red, then they are exudates.